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 Rules and History

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PostSubject: Rules and History   Mon Apr 01, 2013 8:40 pm

Admins will RP professors.
I (Mason) will RP the Headmaster of Hogwarts, Nathaniel Evors Norse.
One character per account, and no double-accounting until further notice.
Each student starts out as a first year. After a month, which will be pretended to be a Hogwarts year, there will be a short summer, hen next year, etc.

Harry Potter had killed Voldemort. The war was over. The professors and Hogwarts helpers had to rebuild Hogwarts, and do it correctly. Minerva McGonagall was supposed to take over as Headmistress, but she demanded she not. She claimed she was getting too old, and wouldn't be able to defend it. She suggested her nephew, Nathaniel "Nate" Norse. Nate soon came to Hogwarts, and became Hogwarts. Three years after the war, Hogwarts reopened. He took over.

Nate was very arrogant and very much like Gilderoy Lockhart. Except, he was a great wizard. Nate decided to take over as Slytherin's head, since he was in Slytherin when he was younger. He helped them very much. The first year of him being headmaster, Slytherin won Quidditch and House Cup.

Nate, the following year, decided that Quidditch being the only wizarding game got a bit bored. He had an arena built, by Gamekeeper's Hut. He decided to call the game Norse's Arena. In the game, each head had to pick one boy and one girl from their house to play the game for the season. The Slytherins were called the Loki's, the Ravenclaws were the Odin's, the Gryffindor's were the Thor's, and the Hufflepuff's were the Tyr's. There were three trophies hidden in Hogwarts grounds. Each team went after them. The first three to come back with the trophies went to the next games. Then, it went down to two. Then, the finales.

Nate was very successful throughout his carrier, and still is. But, recently, he found out that the Death Eaters were coming back soon to carry out their master's command to rule the wizard world.
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Rules and History
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