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 Mason's Character

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Mason Valley
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PostSubject: Mason's Character   Thu Apr 04, 2013 9:00 pm

Name: Mason Ethan Valley
Age/Birthday: 11/April 29, 2001
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown, straight
Eyes: Blue, swears turns colors; has glasses
Height: like a millimeter away from 5'
Weight: 80 pounds
Country of Origin: America
History (ten sentences): Mason was born in America, during spring of '01. He grew up around pure-bloods, but was not snotty about his blood. He ended up soon moving to London, England, for Hogwarts when he got older. Mason learned to ride a broomstick, and how to use a wand, even though he never did underage magic. When he turned eleven, he went to Diagon Alley to buy his supplies. He ended up with his wand, and his cat, Cuddlewuddly. He learned about Death Eaters, soon, and Lord Voldemort. He will fight on the good side. Mason said he would train and such to be the best. Mason is ready for a new adventure at Hogwarts.
RP Example (four sentences): Mason woke up. He went to brush his teeth and hair. He soon went downstairs to breakfast. He was happy to be a wizard.
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Mason's Character
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