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Mason Valley
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PostSubject: Heads/Prefects   Fri Apr 05, 2013 6:58 pm

Right now, we will have no prefects or Heads, because first years can't have that position. However, in Year 2 we will be able to have prefects, and Heads in Year 3. Right now we will be just having a head start on who will be the prefects, and the head start for Heads will start in Year 2.

Head Boy:

Open slot

Head Girl:

Open slot

Boy: (Open slot)
Girl: (Open slot)

Boy: (Open slot)
Girl: (Open slot)

Boy: Mason Valley (Mason Valley)
Girl: (Open slot)

Boy:(Open slot)
Girl:(Open slot)

Mason Ethan Valley, age 11, birthday: April 29, 2001. He has a cat named Cuddlewuddly. His wand is 13 inches, Maple, Dragon Heartstring, Slightly Springy. His favorite color is green.
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